About Us

2014 – 2015 Foundation Board Members:

President: Shelley Federhart
Vice President: Krissy Rattray
Treasurer: Melissa Bieri
Secretary: Teresa Lohmann
Auditor: Alex Sullivan
Other Members: Anne Schreiber, April Ottaviano, Colleen Connery, Ken Israel, Lynn Lorimer, Matt Teeter, Tony Lin

The Del Sur Educational Foundation is dedicated to the support of the Del Sur Elementary School. The Del Sur Elementary School is dedicated to developing a community of caring, empathetic, global citizens through service learning projects.

The vision of Del Sur Elementary is simple and powerful: As one of the foremost technologically progressive schools in America, the Del Sur Elementary School is dedicated to exploring the richness of our past, capitalizing on the opportunities of the present and developing the infinite possibilities of the future.

Del Sur Elementary was built to support 21st century innovative education. Our technologically progressive school is dedicated to the pursuit of high levels of learning for all students while exploring the richness of the past, the opportunities of the present, and the infinite possibilities of the future. The Del Sur Educational Foundation’s purpose is to support the fundamental mission of the school. With the financial support, it is the goal of the Foundation to inspire future 21st century global citizens. Additionally, this entity will support projects and endeavors that elevate instruction in the core academic subjects.

The current priorities of the Del Sur Educational Foundation include:

  • Funding the salaries of our credentialed music and art teachers
  • Funding the salaries of our credentialed Advanced and Intervention Impact Teachers
  • Funding for science equipment to support greater scientific learning
  • Purchasing of and consistent upgrades to our state-of-the-art technology
  • Purchasing educational software licenses for in-classroom and homework learning
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